Today we bring to the blog the robot vacuum cleaner Alfawise V10 Max Robot laser navigation created to help you with routine cleaning tasks. A great brand at a price much lower than its brother of Xiaomi, less known than this but that also gives very good results.

Alfawise V10 Max

The Alfawise V10 Max can scan the entire room through a laser range and a 360 degree radar to draw an accurate and complete map in real time and mark obstacle points with the SLAM algorithm, allowing you to thoroughly clean any room.

Alfawise V10 Max

In addition, thanks to its large capacity water tank of 450 ml, which thanks to its precision electronic pump and three-speed regulation, allows you to scrub the floor of any room in your home to your liking.

Main Features:

  • Laser sensor LDS and SLAM: it will generate an accurate map of your home after having finished its first cleaning, avoiding obstacles and falls.
  • Storage capacity: it has a water tank of 450ml and a dust tank of 400ml.
  • Navigation with Gyroscope: Take cleaning routes in ZigZag to avoid ignoring areas at the time of cleaning, obtaining autonomous planning and more efficient cleaning routes.
  • Smart Application: you can synchronize it with your smartphone via WiFi and thus establish prohibited areas and cleaning areas.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for a better experience.
  • Force: suction power of 2200 Pa.
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Automatic loading: the vacuum can automatically return to its charging base.
  • Autonomy: 120 minutes

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Alfawise V10 Max

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