Today while I was looking for interesting products, I found the Alfawise XBR – 08 soundbar, this is a model that, without being high-end, offers more than enough options to offer a complete and solvent operation for most users . Thus, for example, it should be noted that this device is finished in metal and has dimensions of 59.50 x 16.50 x 12.00 centimeters, with a weight of 1.6 kilos. Therefore, and thanks to its black color, it is possible to place in all types of living room furniture. By the way, to improve its use this bar arrives with remote control.

Oferta Alfawise XBR - 08 TV Soundbar

As for the sound quality, because what this product offers is stereo sound since the four speakers work on two different channels, adding a power of up to 40 W. The definition is quite good, since the controllers are 40 millimeters. and some additional details that should be known in this section are the following: Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 KHz, Signal to noise ratio: 95 dB.

Oferta Alfawise XBR - 08 TV Soundbar

To make the use of the Alfawise XBR – 08 bar simpler, an LED-type screen is included where the inflation of the recreations that are carried out is seen, and there are no physical buttons in case it is necessary to use it (they are located on the side). Apart, and this is a good detail, an FM tuner is included inside the product that allows you to listen to the radio if desired.

Oferta Alfawise XBR - 08 TV Soundbar

In the connectivity section, the Alfawise XBR – 08 is practically lacking in anything. An example is that it has a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, so it is possible to send content from iOS and Android terminals without any problem. Besides, in this accessory you will find an HDMI; USB connections; 3.5 millimeter connection; and, additionally, memory card slot from which it is possible to play contents. Come on, he doesn’t lack anything.

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Alfawise XBR – 08 TV Soundbar


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