Minimum price in this Xiaomi speaker with a minimalist design, taking up little space: it is only 23 centimeters in length, 12 in height and 4 centimeters in width and only has a button for the on and off, which also serves to Pause the sound.

Precio Minimo en esta super oferta para el Xiaomi Speaker Bluetooth 4.0

Due to its battery you will not have to worry about charging it every bit as its 1200 mAh battery promises 10 hours of music playback. You also do not have to worry about getting away from the speaker with your phone or tablet, as it has a range of 10 meters, so you will continue listening to the music even if you go to another room with the phone. Also, get a very powerful bass, something to be thankful with this size. It has Bluetooth 4.0

Altavoz Xiaomi Bluetooth

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