As it did with the X1 model, Artillery launches the Genius 3D printer, a printer similar in characteristics although somewhat smaller and a more adjusted price.

Artillery Genius DIY 3D

The Artillery Genius is a mid-range printer, very complete and with a great value for money, in fact it is one of the best 3D printers you can buy today. This model is ideal for people who want to obtain good results from the first start-up, with good details despite its low price and with few things against it.

With the Artillery Genius we are facing a compact and easy-to-assemble printer, suitable for both experienced users and beginners. It has everything you expect from a good 3D printer, it has a 24 V power supply, which allows your bed to heat up very quickly, a rigid structure and a smooth touch screen.

Artillery Genius DIY 3D

In addition to this, it has characteristics that make it superior in many aspects, an all-terrain printer to give it intensive use. All this with a price more than content.

Main features:

  • Ultra-quiet stepper driver
  • Synchronized Dual Z system
  • Touch screen control
  • Large print size: 220x220x250mm
  • Maximum printing speed: 150mm / s
  • Quick heating AC bed
  • High transverse speed
  • Detection and recovery of energy loss
  • Filament runout detection and recovery
  • 95% pre-assembled, easy to install
  • High precision print quality, up to 50 microns
  • Titan style direct drive extruder to support flexible materials

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Artillery Genius DIY 3D

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