If you have decided to buy one of these smart cleaning robots today we bring you the most complete and affordable that you can buy today. We are referring to the Dreame Bot L10 Pro from which we are going to start with the most important thing, and that is that it has a suction power of 4,000 Pa , being twice that of conventional robotic vacuum cleaners.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro

This allows you to remove all dust, dirt or even pet hair in a single pass. In addition, its central brushes have been designed so that they do not suffer entanglement with the hairs that it finds and to be able to continue sucking effectively.

The second most remarkable thing about the Dreame Bot L10 Pro is its Lidar navigation system, and it is that with each cleaning it will record the surface of our home on a map, being more efficient in each vacuum as we get to know the house better each time. It is also capable of detecting objects and thus avoid colliding with them, being able to avoid them without any complications.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro

Finally, we cannot forget one of the aspects that people look for the most, their autonomy. In this case, it guarantees cleaning with a single load an approximate area of 250 square meters. When you are done or if you need more time, you return home to charge the battery and resume cleaning as soon as it is charged.

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Dreame Bot L10 Pro


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