Let's talk about the Dreame D9 is another robot vacuum cleaner that takes advantage of LIDAR mapping technology for intelligent navigation. Dreame ensures the implementation of improved mapping for higher sensitivity (2080 points per second) and greater precision.

We will find in this model the high-end functions that we already find in most manufacturers: an interactive map with room management, with the possibility of creating cleaning zones and virtual barriers and advanced programming with specific cleaning settings for each room. .

Dreame D9

As Dreame belongs to the Xiaomi network, it also shares an ecosystem, so the app that we will use is the Xiaomi Home. This is an advantage, since this app is already a robust, very complete application that has been working for some time, translated into Spanish and with European servers.

The truth is that the handling of the Dreame D9 is very similar in its operation to the Roborock S5 MAX, being able to speak of two robot vacuum cleaners that are first cousins. But the Dreame D9 offers a little extra compared to the Roborock, with a digital brushless motor that raises the suction power to 3,000 Pascals , with 4 available power settings.

Dreame D9

The Dreame D9 has an autonomy of 150 minutes in its minimum power mode. Of course, the Dreame D9 is able to resume cleaning where it left off when recharging, but it does not have the smart recharge function that more and more models are using, so the Dreame D9 will wait to recharge its battery completely. before resuming cleaning.

Dreame has also placed special emphasis on improving mop cleaning. In addition to an electronic adjustment of the water flow, the Dreame D9 uses a tank pressurization for greater contact with the ground together with a mop with antibacterial fiber. The liquid tank, with a 270 ml capacity, allows scrubbing of up to 200 m2 in a single run if we select the low flow setting.

Dreame D9

On the other hand, the dust container has a large capacity, 570 ml , and has the advantage of being accessible from the upper part of the robot, a more comfortable system than if it were installed at the rear. Another huge advantage is that the HEPA filter in the tank is washable, so it does not need to be replaced.

In addition, this app allows you to connect the robot with the virtual assistants of Google and Alexa to control the robot through voice commands, although it should be clarified that for this you will need a smart speaker that comes with one of these assistants, since the robot does not have microphone for it. However, it is fair to say that the implementation of virtual assistants, as was already the case with Roborock, is very poor, and is limited to a couple of basic operations, such as turning it on, turning it off, or ordering the robot to return to operation. charging base.

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Dreame D9

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