When it comes to cleaning our homes, we can find more and more appliances that make our task easier. One of these devices are broom vacuum cleaners, such as the Dreame T20, which, due to their characteristics, take up less space and are very easy to handle.

This vacuum cleaner, apart from being cordless, will also offer us better cleaning, as well as greater efficiency, since its digital motor can reach 125,000 rpm and allows us to clean uninterruptedly for about 70 minutes .

Dreame T20

Its suction power is 150AW and 25,000 PA , so both its performance and its efficiency are greatly improved. Besides, the battery that it includes is also high performance.

Also, another of the advantages that we find in this vacuum cleaner, and that we will see later, is that the battery that it includes can be removed, so we can replace it if we need more autonomy time.

Dreame T20

This, together with an LCD screen in which we can see in real time the status of cleaning, such as the autonomy that remains, makes it very easy to use this vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to this battery, we can clean on three levels depending on the cleaning needs we have in the different areas of the home. At this point, it must be said that the battery is fully charged in 4 hours and offers an autonomy of about 70 minutes in a normal cleaning mode.

Dreame T20

All this with an intelligent head and a multi-surface roller that you can use to guarantee effective cleaning. The head is smart because it can identify carpets and, when this happens, it automatically increases the level of suction to ensure a more thorough cleaning.

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Dreame T20


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