After the pleasant feeling that I got when trying the Dreame T10 vacuum cleaner, I was looking forward to trying the new Dreame T30, and the result has been fantastic, I could talk about all its aspects, battery life, motor power, smart screen, etc. , but I mainly stay with one, and that is that the time to clean my house was cut in half.

Dreame T30

And because I say that it was reduced by half, mainly because being wireless I do not need to be changing the plug cable, or dragging a base. Thanks to its great power of subcion with a single pass the vacuum cleaner is enough, the battery lasts more than enough to clean the house and also, its handling is very simple. And the funny thing is that since it weighs so little and is resting on the ground it does not tire your arm.

So without a doubt, it is a beautiful new generation broom, with a great construction quality and an impressive gray design with touches of carbon that gives it a futuristic look, which will not leave anyone indifferent. It has a very high suction capacity, enormous autonomy, an effective noise reduction system and an outstanding filtering system, in addition to a very complete equipment and a reasonable price, positioning itself as one of the best alternatives on the market for those seeking efficiency. , versatility and comfort when cleaning.

Dreame T30

It seems silly, but I have loved the screen that accompanies the Dreame T30, since it informs you of the amount of dirt it is sucking up, and thus, focus on the dirtiest parts of the house. This screen shows you real-time data to inform users about cleaning log, dust detection, filter replacement, battery life, etc.

In fact, the Dreame T30 has a dirt detection sensor that can automatically adjust the suction power based on the amount of dust it detects. Thus, when it detects a large amount of dust, its suction power is activated to increase automatically, and when the dust level decreases, the suction power is reduced to its normal mode.

Dreame T30

The Dreame T30 has a 8 * 2900mAh lithium-ion polymer battery pack, with 90min of autonomy in Eco mode. But what is really interesting about a high-end vacuum cleaner like this is its intelligent power management. In automatic mode, the Dreame T30 automatically detects dust, on a micrometric scale, choosing by itself the necessary suction power. In addition, for those who have a very large house and need more autonomy, the battery is removable, so they can exchange the batteries quickly.

And we have left until last to talk about the engine of the Dreame T30. Its VF Dreame Space 5.0 brushless digital motor, created with techniques typical of the aeronautical industry, rotates at 150,000 revolutions per minute to achieve an enormous absorption capacity and effectively capture all kinds of dirt, dust, fine dust, hair, crumbs, sand, cereals and heavier particles. The funny thing is that with such a powerful motor and strong suction power, its 8-layer noise reduction system keeps noise to a minimum, providing pleasant and quiet cleaning experiences.

Dreame T30

Main features:

  • Battery life: 90 minutes
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Suction power: 190 AW / 27000A
  • Engine rotation: 150,000 rpm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Tank capacity: 0.6l

As this vacuum cleaner hits the market this June 14, the first 150 orders will receive a rotating electric mop as a gift, valued at more than € 100.

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Dreame T30

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