Robot vacuum cleaners have evolved a lot in recent years, and are becoming more effective, efficient and comfortable, as the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro shows us. The brand's new flagship that comes equipped with a high-performance LiDAR sensor for a high-precision movement that, together with its self-emptying base, means that we can completely forget about cleaning for up to two months.

It is a new generation robot, made in a beautiful black color, with the usual design and quality of this brand and with a suction power among the highest on the market. It has intelligent laser-based navigation, a good filtering system and an anti-tangle brush, which together with its scrubbing capacity and its automatic emptying station, provides great comfort and makes it ideal for homes with pets.

Dreame Z10 Pro

In addition to the vacuum robot itself, the box contains the user manual, a 150 ml water tank for optional use, the power cable and a spare bag for the base tank. And of course, the star accessory is none other than the self-emptying base, because with its 4-liter tank it allows you to store the dirt in the integrated tank for days and days, promising up to 65 days without having to empty it.

The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro offers a fairly typical design for this type of device, with dimensions of 353 x 350 x 96.8 mm in circular format that are within the standard. In the central circle where the LiDAR sensor is located, which is a system for measuring and detecting objects by laser and already in the margin we find an additional camera and two laser sensors that, combined with the LiDAR sensor, allows a tracking of our house to optimize movement and reduce unnecessary passes.

Dreame Z10 Pro

As for cleaning capacity, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro specifies a suction power of 4,000 pascals , although it reduces it automatically if it detects little dirt or on hard ground to save battery. This allows you to do a fantastic job on all types of surfaces, effectively capturing dust, fine dust, lint, hair, crumbs, sand, grains and other heavier particles. In addition, it specifies a loudness of 65 dBA , within the average compared to the competition.

The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro has a 400 ml dust container, so it will hardly be filled with a single cleaning. This has a HEPA filter inside that we can clean under water, having to dry it well before using it again. It also has the traditional rotary cell brush, which is accessed from the bottom side.

Dreame Z10 Pro

Of course we can connect the vacuum cleaner to the phone, and once connected, we can access various functionalities, for some of which it will be necessary to have a saved plan of the house. Therefore, the first thing we will do once the robot is loaded is to map the house, putting it to clean in Auto mode and leaving the doors of the rooms open. When finished, it will ask us to save the map and give it a name (since it can save up to 3 different ones), and we can edit it, assigning a name to the rooms and modifying the proposed separations, merging and dividing rooms to our liking.

The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro has one of the most advanced navigation systems on the market, which allows you to quickly map and clean with high efficiency and effectiveness, covering 100% of the surface in less time than other robots. Its laser navigation provides it with very high precision, projecting thousands of points around the robot to quickly map and better understand its environment, adapting quickly and anticipating obstacles; In addition, it allows you to navigate in dark conditions, unlike robots with camera-based systems.

Dreame Z10 Pro

In our test, the first cleaning in a house of about 92 m2 took around 50 minutes with the water tank attached. It is true that the dust cleaning has been perfect, without leaving dog hairs even on the floor. In the second, having already mapped the house, it has been reduced by 5 minutes.

The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro has a 5,200 mAh battery (common in many models of the Xiaomi ecosystem), which provides an autonomy of up to 150 minutes , enough to clean large rooms (in practice, it is capable of cleaning one square meter per minute or even more). If it does not finish, the robot has charging and continuation, so it returns to the base and, once charged, resumes cleaning to finish it.

The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is a multifunction robot, capable of vacuuming and scrubbing, so it offers a more complete cleaning solution than vacuum-only models. It has a 150 milliliter capacity water tank, which can be dosed depending on the needs and the type of soil, choosing between three levels: low, medium and high.

Dreame Z10 Pro

The tank has a capacity of 400 milliliters , enough to completely clean a medium or large home. However, what is really interesting about the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is its self-emptying base. The automatic emptying station allows you to forget about dirt for weeks, providing a much more comfortable and hygienic operation thanks to its self-closing bags, making it ideal for homes with pets and for people with allergy problems.

In conclusion, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is a high-end automatic vacuum cleaner that offers sensational performance. It aspires to perfection both hairs and even stones of a certain size, even passing over carpets without problems, but its distinctive detail is the base with self-emptying function that allows us to forget two months of emptying it. It is certainly a recommended purchase.

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