Offer on the new F-Wheel DYU D2, which comes to stand up to Xiaomi the king of the Xiaomi Scooter M365. It is the renovation of the F – wheel DYU that has had so much success, one of the most sold electric bicycles in the national and international market. This model comes to rival the Xiaomi QICYCLE electric bicycle.

F-Wheel DYU D2

The new F-Wheel DYU D2 is aimed at those people who want to leave the car to go to work and want to move to an economic, safe, efficient for the environment.

It has a practical design and easy to fold, in this way they facilitate their transfer and storage in small spaces. The dimensions of this electric bicycle are 102 x 20 x 72 centimeters (folded) and its weight is 14 kg and includes a handle to make it easier to transport and hold it with one hand.

The front has a small panel that shows the speed at which we are going, a button for the accelerator, horn and the switch to turn on the front and rear lights. Another advantage of this F-Wheel DYU D2 is that it has an intelligent locking technology that thanks to the mobile application, allows you to protect the bike with a password that can only be put through the pocket device to allow unlocking the system .

F-Wheel DYU D2

It comes with 2 12-inch wheels that stand out for their high resistance to impacts and for being anti-slip, ideal for all types of floors.

It has an integrated 5200 mAh lithium battery that guarantees a duration equivalent to 20 km/h under electric mode and up to 45 km/h under manual mode. In 3 hours you have the battery fully charged.

F – wheel DYU D2

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F – wheel DYU D3

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