Himo is a Xiaomi brand, which seems determined to flood the electric bicycle market with models that suit each of the buyers’ needs. Under the Himo sub-brand, it has just launched a new model, the Himo Z20, a folding electric bicycle with 250 W of power and up to 80 kilometers of autonomy.

Himo Z20

The Himo Z20 electric bicycle is designed to attract a wide variety of customers since it fits the profile of many users. Thanks to an aluminum frame and 20-inch wheels, its final weight is 21.6 kilograms, somewhat lower than the average for similar electric bicycles that are for sale on the market.

The three-step folding system, in which you only have to remove the locking system of the frame and that of the handlebar stem, allows it to be transported with relative ease, enough to be able to upload it to public transport or put it in the trunk of a car.

It has an electric motor located in the hub of the rear wheel that offers a power of 250 W and is powered by a removable 360 Wh battery located inside the horizontal tube of the frame. Although according to Himo it is capable of reaching up to 80 km of autonomy with each charge, with the average consumption that is advertised, 6.5 Wh / km, the real autonomy is reduced to 55 km.

Himo Z20

The maximum speed that can be reached with the electric motor running is 25 km / h. From the handlebar display, an Eco mode and a Sport mode can be configured, which change the help that the rider receives from the engine and also the autonomy.

The motor assists pedaling when the rider starts off. In the general specifications of the model destined for the world market, it is announced that it includes an accelerator with which to move the bicycle without the need for force on the pedals. However, this component is not legal in Europe to be considered a pedelec bicycle, so it is likely that orders destined for the European Union will not incorporate it.

Himo Z20

The seat post incorporates an exclusive solution to this model: a complete air pump hidden in the tube. A tool that is often difficult to carry on this type of bicycle with a reduced frame. It includes front and rear disc brakes with hydraulic drive and Shimano six-speed gearbox.

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Himo Z20

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