Offer the latest version of the Huawei brand of fitness bracelet, the Huawei Honor Band 3 which has been designed so that we can see all kinds of records on the screen itself and that comes equipped with a battery that will allow a range of up to 30 days with a single recharge


The Huawei Honor Band 3 has a modern and renewed design, this bracelet is able to automatically detect the type of sport that we are practicing, and even the moment when we close the day and go to sleep activating the mode sleep monitoring also automatically.

The Huawei Honor Band 3 is equipped with a PMOLED screen of 0.91 inches diagonal and has a RAM of 256KB, 1MB of ROM and 16MG of flash memory, is made in translucent polycarbonate in the area of ​​the housing, has dimensions 43 x 16 x 10mm and barely weighs 18 grams so it is very light and comfortable to use.

The Huawei Honor Band 3 includes a 3-axis accelerometer and a cardio PPG tachometer that will provide accurate monitoring of all kinds of physical activities, this bracelet is water resistant and submersible at depths of up to 5 meters. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity that integrates the bracelet you can receive alerts by vibration of all messages, incoming calls and emails, as well as alaramas and other notifications, that arrive at the mobile phone with which we have it linked, something that we can do almost with any phone since it is compatible with Android 4.4 or higher and IOS 8.0 or higher.

It is certainly a very interesting device, which comes with the guarantee of Huawei.


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