Meizu launches Meizu Pop Wireless, a model with a design similar to Apple AirPods and Samsung Gear IconX, the truth is that these headphones will not leave anyone indifferent by their characteristics, besides being much cheaper than Apple models and Samsung, curiously before entering the world of mobile telephony Meizu was a leader in the audio sector, which is why it is not surprising that the firm’s headphones are capable of offering great features at a great price, and proof of this is the Meizu Pop.

MEIZU POP Wireless

The Meizu Pop seek to be considered as a competitive alternative to Apple’s AirPods, something that others before them tried to achieve and that surely continue to deal with later. Notwithstanding the Meizu Pop, they are headphones with more than dignified specifications, in fact they incorporate a Grace diaphragm or that gives them an audio quality worthy of mention, as well as a modern, elegant and minimalist design.

Now we are going to talk about the benefits of the headset, these have Bluetooth 4.2, inside they have a graphene diaphragm that will offer a range of balanced sounds at high frequency, improving the low ones so that the reproduction is the most true to the possible reality. According to the firm, this model works in frequency ranges between 20Hz and 20KHz, with a sensitivity of 101db at 1KHz, a power of 5mW and an impedance of 16 ohms.

MEIZU POP Wireless

They also integrate a quality microphone to use as hands-free, something that is almost essential in a Bluetooth headset. It should be mentioned that these headphones are also controlled through touch sensors located in the handset itself through which we can play music, change the song, pause it, answer a call.

MEIZU POP Wireless

Regarding its design have a synthetic housing of high durability and robustness, which comes fully sealed to provide a watertight finish that allows them to be water resistant thanks to the IP-X5 protection will also be resistant to sweat so we can use them while we get in or exercise, something that also favors its light weight of 5.8 grams to be ultra lightweight headphones and comfortable to wear.

The storage case itself is also your charger, just by entering them in the case the headphones will be charged, warning us when the recharge is complete, recharge that will give us an autonomy of about 12 hours of use, and that we can recharge wirelessly and that is compatible with the wireless charge and the Qi fast charge standard, although we can also recharge it through the micro USB connection, the headphones battery is 85mAh and lasts about 3 hours of continuous playback.


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