At last the successor of the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus, with the new edition of Ninebot, came out and today we talk to you on the blog of his latest creation: the Ninebot MiniPro, a model a little more compact than its previous version.

The new Ninebot MiniPro is a portable segway with a compact size and perfect to take it anywhere mounted on it, or if we have to take it to pulse, in this model has eliminated the classic vertical bar Segway so it has been can reduce its size considerably, getting a much smaller and compact model, this model is equipped with a battery of 320 mAh and will allow us to reach speeds of more than 18 km/h, climb slopes of 15 degrees and travel up to 30 km with a single recharge of your battery. And only 12.8 kilograms of weight.

Ninebot miniPRO

With the Ninebot MiniPro you can scroll through all kinds of pavements and terrains, you will learn to guide quickly, in just three minutes you will get the ability to move with ease and safety, do not worry about the movement or because you think you can fall the sensation is the It is the same as when climbing mechanical stairs, and thanks to its precision sensors all our movements are adapted, besides this vehicle auto-adjusts its parameters up to two hundred times per second so it always stays in balance and there is no risk of fall.

Ninebot miniPRO

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