The company Ninebot, has launched its new scooter, the Ninebot No. 9. With which it hopes to continue to achieve the same success as with the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus or the Xiaomi EUNI ES808.

Ninebot No. 9

The first thing that we will find in this Ninebot No. 9 is its 500W motor that will propel the front wheel of our scooter. We can drive at a maximum speed of 20-25 km/h which complies with the new regulations and we can overcome slopes of 10%.

For this scooter to work consists of a set of batteries of 5.2 Ah that will give us to travel about 25 kilometers or so, but in addition to these batteries, it is possible to purchase a battery expansion pack that is fixed on the handlebar and with which we can reach 45 kilometers more.

Ninebot No. 9

Unlike other scooters, if we can leave when it is raining with the scooter, since it has a main body has IP54 protection while the area that saves the battery has IP67 protection.

The Ninebot No. 9 incorporates a double braking system (electric brake and other mechanical) that reduces the stopping distance to only 4 meters if we drive at its maximum speed.

This scooter mounts two tires in solid format, with which we will avoid punctures. And it allows it to support a weight of up to 100Kg, according to the manufacturer.

Ninebot No. 9 ES1

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