Today we are going to do the analysis of the OnePlus 6T after several weeks of use, and we will start it inside, where we find a Snapdragon 845 with varied combinations of RAM that do not fall in any case of 6 GB. In our test model we have 8 GB. As for the internal memory, you can choose between 128 and 256 GB, without the possibility of expanding them externally. If we add to this an operating system like OxygenOS, it only reinforces the total fluidity in everything we do with this OnePlus smartphone. Therefore, no matter how demanding the applications, transitions, multitasking, games, etc, everything offers an outstanding experience without any problem or failure.

The screen of the OnePlus 6T reaches 6.41 inches, technically we are facing an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels that reach us for a density of 408 ppi, and with Gorilla Glass 6 protection. This translates into a complete clarity to simple view The aspect ratio is 19.5: 9. The maximum brightness seems more than enough to be able to use the terminal with guarantees and comfort outdoors, adapting quickly to different environments.

Oneplus 6T

The OnePlus 6T uses glass as a material but does it with a special treatment, very simulate a frosted finish, OnePlus has placed a treatment and subsequent lamina on the glass of the OnePlus 6T that gives greater grip, resistance and with an appearance and touch that goes perfectly for metal. That finish and very respectful with the traces and dirt, and at first glance in this week of use does not seem to be excessively delicate with chafing. I recognize that the design I like a lot, keeps the lines sober and elegant in its design, and returns to show itself as one of the most successful in finish and overall dimensions.

The notch of the OnePlus 6T is reduced to the minimum expression in a way that we like. It hardly takes up space thanks to the fact that the sensors have been slightly relocated, and many of the applications that we use most are prepared for this special notch. The system and applications installed by default, which are just those of Google and little else, take advantage and take advantage of that space to place the notification bar and information, and others like Instagram, YouTube are adapted correctly. But if you definitely do not like it, you can hide it, losing a bit of screen space.

Oneplus 6T

The main camera, the rear one, is composed of two Sony sensors of 20 and 16 MP, both with aperture f1.7. But there are more differences beyond the resolution. In that rear part the camera continues occupying the upper central part, with its two lenses adopted the vertical configuration (and barely protruding from the profile of the phone, something almost unique in the high-end market), with the flash just below. After trying the cameras in different situations, OnePlus can feel satisfied with the work done without resorting to tricks or more palabreria than necessary. Your camera works and makes very good photos in most situations

In this new model have located the fingerprint reader under the screen, and has been a success, since it is very comfortable to use, in my opinion is the most natural situation, and not in the back of the phone. And also detects the fingerprint quickly, so we will not have to wait for anything to unlock the phone. The fingerprint reader is located about 2-3 centimeters from the bottom frame, and it is quite simple to assimilate their situation.

Oneplus 6T

This OnePlus 6T can also use facial recognition to identify you, it maintains speed and level of accuracy even in poor lighting conditions. In many cases it does not really take time to put your finger on the fingerprint reader because the system has already recognized our face. The system only works when the screen is effectively active, so you have to pull the physical unlocking button so that just by pointing the phone to your face, we can identify.

One of the aspects that we liked most, is without hesitation the battery. The battery of the OnePlus 6T reaches 3700 mAh, a figure more in line with the pretensions of this high-end model. After several weeks of use, the tests we have done with the OnePlus 6T average us more than 24 hours of use and about 9 hours of screen. In total we are talking about an autonomy that far exceeds and easily the day and a half of autonomy. Some days we have arrived home at around 9 in the evening with 50 per cent of battery still remaining and about four hours of screen. And for people who do not make much use of the screen the autonomy arrives perfectly at 3 days. By the way, I love fast charging, in just half an hour you get from 5 to 50 percent of battery, and in an hour and a half is fully charged.

Oneplus 6T

As for the operating system that governs this terminal is the OxygenOS version 9.0.13 currently, and based on Android 9. This combination alone is already a good reason to buy the OnePlus 6T. To start and beyond its attractive but visual simplicity, OxygenOS does not insist that we use our own apps because it does not even include them, and this we love, it is the closest thing to having a pure Android. Here an interesting novelty is that we are facing a dual terminal SIM. And finally at the bottom is the USB-C port and ready.

Oneplus 6T

As a conclusion I have to say that we have loved this phone, the OnePlus 6T is an outstanding terminal in almost all aspects: performance, large screen, battery, operating system, fingerprint recognition, design, and it is just a little more discreet in the section of the camera. It must be said that it feels very comfortable in hand, since it has an adequate thickness and a balanced weight.

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