Today we present an article for lovers of arcade games, because here we bring a solution to enjoy the classic arcade games without spending a lot and having a game board that includes both the buttons of a lifetime with their corresponding joysticks to play doubles (which was what I liked most at that time). This is the arcade box machines, these offer us a lot of games, in this case 999 and they bring the experience of the arcade thanks to its panel / console.

Pandora Box 5s

Thanks to this article we will have at home a cheap recreational machine that takes up little space. Logically we have to connect it to the TV and for that it has HDMI HD and VGA output that allows us to connect to an LCD TV, monitors or video projectors. We will also have two USB ports to use the controls of the pandora box in other video consoles. It seems to have its own speakers and a headphone jack output and other sound amplification systems.

Pandora Box 5s

Pandora Box 5s 999 Games

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