It is clear that if QCY stands out for something, it is for bringing TWS headphones to the market at an affordable price for all budgets. However, this time they have opted for the QCY HT03 model that incorporates ANC (active noise cancellation) , which implies a justified price increase. For a couple of weeks I have been testing this model and I have loved it.


We are going to start talking about the ANC and that of course it is not the best in the market. It notably reduces the noise of people, cars but does not completely eliminate the closest and most intense sounds. Get us to enjoy a more clear and balanced music. After trying it in various situations, it is worth it. We cannot say the same for transparency, intended to allow you to listen to the traffic and chat around you in the moments when you need it.

The QCY HT03 have a very warm sound, as it puts a lot of weight in the low mid tones. Turn off the noise cancellation and the sound will become a little clearer. They don't have the best sound, but we can't hope for the panacea either. For the price they have, they are great. As for calls, the note is remarkable. It is normal to notice that busy areas do not get to understand each other, however, if there is no one and you are in an open space or in your own home, the experience will be pleasant.


The headphones have an oval shape, the stem is short and does not bother at all. As it is the in-ear type, you will need to switch between the pads that come to find your point. The appearance of the headphones is not at all innovative. Although to tell the truth, the quality of the materials is not bad. It's also slim, rounded, and moves easily in any pocket. In addition, we feel that they have made the most of all the interior space. You can remove the headphones by holding them by the tips.

You will not need to exert much pressure on the headphones to switch between the following controls, during the tests for me being able to move to the next song is very useful without having to do it from the smartphone: Pause or resume music, Next song, Back song, ANC or transparency mode, Low latency mode, Activate voice assistant.


The average battery for these HT03s is above average for ANC headphones. With noise cancellation activated, they can last up to 4 and a half hours . While if we deactivate it because we are in a place where we do not need it, it will last approx. 6 hours. On the front of the charging case we will see an LED light that serves as a battery indicator. The light is shown in red if the battery is below 50% and in green if it is above this percentage.

The charging case provides the headphones with 4 charges and a 24-hour autonomy . To give us an idea, the manufacturer indicates that with a single cycle you can listen to 360 songs or watch 5760 short videos.


As it is a QCY brand headset, you can enjoy the benefits of the application. Remember that thanks to it you can: check the battery status of both headphones, add and change controls, switch between ANC or transparency, activate game mode, switch between different equalizers or create your own, update the firmware and reset to default settings.

In general, the signal and connection of the QCY Ht03 is good. The headphones can be used separately, they connect quickly with the mobile phone, but you can not move more than 10 meters from the device. And thanks to the low latency mode you will hardly feel lag in video games. It is not necessary to activate it to watch videos on both Netflix and Youtube since with the normal settings, audio and image go hand in hand.

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