What a marvel of a monitor, the Odyssey G9 is a monitor with a marked gamer aesthetic, its rear panel has a futuristic design in white and has circular LED lighting, but what is really important is its imposing 49-inch curved screen with a frequency of Ultra- fast 240Hz update.

Samsung Odyssey G9

Actually what we have are two integrated 240Hz / 1440p displays with 1000R curvature. It is estimated that this level of curvature is the optimal one since it adjusts to our peripheral vision, therefore it is perfect for any use that you give it since it does not necessarily have to be for playing, designers or any other office work benefits from this viewing experience. The panel features 5120x1440p resolution and DisplayHDR 1000 rating, being compatible with AMD FreeSync 2 and G-Sync technology.

Samsung Odyssey G9

Although the Odyssey G9 looks very good and you want to see it from all angles, you always have the option to install it on the wall available thanks to its compatibility with VESA 100x 100 millimeter anchoring systems; It can also be oriented 15 to 5 ° with a rotation between -15 to 15 °. In connectivities, let's find DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 ports.

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Samsung Odyssey G9 49

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