VIOMI S9 is Xiaomi’s new robot vacuum cleaner that scrubs and sweeps for you. In addition, it will do it wonderfully thanks to its high suction power of 2700Pa, its high precision LDS sensor and, above all, its ability to empty the tank intelligently.

The Xiaomi Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 is a smart home cleaning device that helps you make a perfect plan to have everything ready. Through the LDS 2.0 laser navigation system, which analyzes the area to be cleaned, generates precise maps of the house and locates obstacles, guaranteeing a high-efficiency sweep.


One of the most interesting features of the new Xiaomi VIOMI S9 vacuum cleaner is its amazing suction power, which reaches 2700 Pa. This, added to a HEPA filter that separates dirt, a V-shaped side brush and a round brush in The central part, the new Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking from microscopic particles to larger bodies, such as dust and dirt, cat litter or our pet’s hair, thus adapting to different levels of dirt.

The VIOMI S9, in addition to vacuuming, also scrubs, thanks to a 250 ml electric water tank. The fact that it is electric ensures a control of the water output speed, ensuring that it is uniform and the floor is perfectly scrubbed. In addition, you will have three levels of water to adjust it to what you need, and even a Y cleaning mode, which mimics the human cleaning mode.


Also, the S9 robot vacuum cleaner integrates a 5200 mAh battery, a large capacity that gives us an autonomy of around 180 minutes * with a single charge. For this reason, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 is ideal for houses with many square meters (250 – 320 m2) and multiple rooms.

Thanks to its multiple sensors and anti-fall technology, the Vacuuming Robot S9 detects steps and ledges to avoid accidents, however, small steps or unevenness are not a problem for it, as it can easily climb obstacles up to 20 mm in height.


As the VIOMI S9 maps your home, you can consult this map from your mobile and the Mi Home APP. Name the different partitions, establish an order when cleaning them, schedule the sweeping of some of them, restrict access to others, etc.

The charging base also includes a container to automatically empty the contents of the deposit of our Xiaomi VIOMI S9, leaving it always ready to work after each charge. Even if we are away from home for a few days. This automatic suction station packs the dirt in a bag with 3 liters of capacity that is very easy to empty, without you having to touch a single speck of dust.

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