Great offer in the Xiaomi 4 in 1 Flower Plant, if you are looking for an assistant to take care of your plants in a comfortable and efficient, you can not miss this gadget Xiaomi, because it has a mind-boggling price and its varied functions will help you have the garden that you want. The Xiaomi Mi Plant is a gadget with which you can check the state of your plants, receiving the necessary information for your care: humidity, temperature, Ph, light received, hydration and nutrients.

Xiaomi 4 In 1 Flower Plant

It has the white minimalist finish of resistant plastic of the house, and at the top of the device are located its sensors of temperature and luminosity of up to 100, 000 lumens, detecting with precision the intensity of solar rays that affect the plants.

The metallic black bottom that is introduced in the pot incorporates 2 sensors with multiple functionalities, capable of quantifying different conditions such as pH, humidity, fertility, temperature and nutrients of the soil where you have planted your plants, fruits or vegetables, current state as well as the opportune time to water them. With Bluetooth you can synchronize with your mobile phone through the Smart Home app, control it remotely and find out how much you need regarding your plants, as well as useful tips and general information with its database of more than 3000 plants.

In addition, its easy-to-remove 235 mAh CR2032 lithium button battery will give you a long useful life.

Xiaomi 4 In 1 Flower Plant

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