70mai is a Xiaomi-related company that creates car cameras. We had the opportunity to test many of their products, but what was missing was a dual vision camera, which is what is happening behind our car. Up to now!

Xiaomi 70mai A800S 4K Car Camera

70mai A800 is the top model of this manufacturer. It will offer 4K Ultra HD resolution with Dual-Vision technology. Thanks to this, we will see not only what is happening in front of our car, but also what is happening behind it.

The camera also has ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) technology. Thanks to it, it detects a dangerous situation when the car in front suddenly starts to brake or we leave the lane we are driving in. We can also buy a GPS module for the camera to save our current location and the speed at which we are moving.

Xiaomi 70mai A800S 4K Car Camera

The camera will have a superior lens: Sony IMX415 with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. Thanks to it, you can record in 4K Ultra HD quality, that is, 3840 × 2160 . If we add a second camera to record, the resolution will drop to 2560 × 1600.

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Xiaomi 70mai A800S 4K Car Camera

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