The Amazfit range of Xiaomi smart watches are becoming more and more relevant. The Chinese manufacturer has been able to gradually incorporate new features to these watches while maintaining reduced prices and especially betting on offering an autonomy that other manufacturers can hardly reach. The new Amazfit GTR arrives with 24 days of autonomy, a more classic style than ever and autonomy of more than three weeks depending on the model. We have been testing the 42mm version and the result has been much better than expected for a smartwatch of this price.

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

Interestingly, the first thing that has surprised us is how beautiful this smartwatch is, we are talking about the last smartwatch of the Amazfit family, specifically we are talking about the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR. A smart watch very similar in function to the latest Xiaomi smartwatch the Amazfit SmartWatch 2, but with a very elegant design and an autonomy that impresses, without a doubt the best autonomy in the market.

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

The Amazfit GTR has two models, one with a 47 mm case and the other with a 42 mm case. Amazfit GTR has a circular design with an AMOLED screen that can come in sizes of 1.39 inches or 1.2 inches, depending on the model. Something similar happens with the autonomy of the product, which varies according to the model chosen. In the largest of all it reaches 24 days according to the manufacturer, the 42mm stays in 12 days on the contrary, according to the tests we have done with the 42mm version it stays in about 10 days.

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

One of the aspects that worries me most about these watches is whether they can get wet, and in this case the impermeability is another interesting factor in this new Amazfit GTR. The Chinese manufacturer has included protection against water and dust IP68, so in theory it resists a low immersion of water up to 50 meters deep. To use it in swimming is more than enough and we can also use it daily without taking them off because of the worry that it will get wet.

Design seems to take precedence in this new Xiaomi smartwatch. Amazfit GTR bets on two different box sizes so that each one chooses the one that best suits their wrist. But there is more. We also have different colors in each model and special straps for each of them. In fact, the one we tried came with a black strap, and we changed it to a leather one giving a very good impression, as can be seen below.

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

And the official 47mm Amazfit GTR designs are available in stainless steel (silver), aluminum alloy (black) and titanium (gray). On the other hand, the 42mm Amazfit GTR comes in black, light pink, silver, coral red and a special edition with details of precious stones in its sphere. The straps are leather and silicone, according to the model.

On how to use it, the watch has two side buttons that mimic the crown of traditional watches. One of them serves to “go back” or turn off the clock. The other is a function key for quick access to sports activities or other customizable options. Of course the screen is tactile, which is very useful because it allows us to move easily through the different information and configuration screens of the watch.

As for sports practices, the Amazfit GTR records all the steps and activities that the user performs during the day. It also records sleep automatically during the night. For specific activities, the GPS can be used to measure the route with better precision and plot the route. We have tried cycling or running at the same time with another Garmin smartwatch and the data we have obtained has been practically the same, something that has pleasantly surprised us.

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

The functions offered are very similar to SmartWatch 2. We find the BioTracker PPG technology that offers us an accurate and uninterrupted heart rate throughout the day. We found up to 12 types of sport such as running, swimming, skiing, weightlifting, cycling …

We appreciate the incorporation of an NFC chip (something that we can use to make payments with the watch) and GPS and GLONASS sensors (getting better accuracy when positioning).

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 42mm

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Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 47mm

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