Today we present the latest smartwatch that Xiaomi has brought to the market, we are talking about the new Xiaomi Amazfit Nexo. In this Xiaomi Amazfit Nexo mounts a 1.39-inch color AMOLED round screen. It has a microcrystalline zirconia ceramic chassis resistant to all types of blows, in addition to achieving perfect finishes that make it so desirable.

Amazfit Nexo

As soon as the Xiaomi Amazfit Nexo continues to keep the same sensors as the latest smartwatchs of the company and how well they are working. Biotracker PPG sensor to measure the heart rate that is also more efficient reducing energy consumption.

And to be able to get the game right, it comes with 12 types of sport in which it is able to monitor any type of record for swimming, hiking, running, cycling, soccer, etc. It also records both our sleep hours and quality.

Amazfit Nexo

One of the most interesting aspects is that it has 1GB of internal storage in which we can store our favorite songs.

It has a 420mAh battery that allows it to reach 5 days of use and only in 1 hour and a half it is fully charged. And unlike other Wearables, this new Amazfit Nexo has eSIM for 4G LTE connectivity. Thanks to this we can receive, as well as answer, both calls and messages on our smart watch without the need to carry our mobile phone on top.

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Xiaomi Amazfit Nexo

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