Today we bring you the new Xiaomi wearable, we refer to the Xiaomi Amafit SmartWatch 2, whose main improvement is the new sensor that adds an ECG electrocardiogram in real time, which is able to alert of possible arrhythmias as it happens in Apple devices but As it happened to those in Cupertino this feature will not be available in Europe for legal reasons. We will have to see how this issue ends, and if it will be able to be used.

Xiaomi Amazfit SmartWatch 2

In the aesthetic aspect of this smartwatch we find a round screen AMOLED with 454 x 454 resolution of 1.39 inches, with a 2.5D design so that the panel is better integrated into the screen. Note the lightness of this Amazfit Smart Watch 2 that only weighs 49 grams without the strap and its resistance to water and IP68 dust.

The quality of the finishes is worthy of the Pace or the Stratos with ceramic box and glass Gorilla Glass 3 so it could be said that it is a PACE with the AMOLED screen of a Verge and better processor and internal memory as well as a system operating Amafit OS renewed that increasingly looks more like the WatchOS that Apple uses.

Xiaomi Amazfit SmartWatch 2

Inside comes the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500, which is accompanied by the Amazfit OS Operating System that has multiple applications for any sport being compatible with both Android and iOS.

As soon as the battery of 420 mAh is really good, counting that it has 4G connection, which is summarized in about 28 hours. It also has NFC to make payments from the watch, Bluetooth 4.2 connection. and GPS + GLONASS + BDS, indispensable for any type of sport to which this Amazfit Smart Watch 2 is aimed. The ECG, NFC and eSIM functions are not currently available, they will be activated later in future software updates.

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Xiaomi Amazfit SmartWatch 2

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