Offer on the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver, this is a Bluetooth receiver 4.2 with which you will convert any audio gadget such as speakers, wired headsets and even in the car on bluetooth devices with which to receive the sound of form without needing to be connected directly to an audio source.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

It is surprising because of its small size and its metallic structure since it weighs only 10 grams so it is the most manageable, also thanks to its built-in clamp we will take it with us to any part of the clothes so we can also use it while let’s practice sport.

It is equipped with a battery of 97 mAh that although it seems little offers an autonomy of between 4 and 5 hours of continuous use, more than enough for any activity and rather more than the Bluetooth headsets that we find right now in the market.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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