You’re tired of loading the mop bucket, because Xiaomi has released a new mop that comes with a water sprayer, all in one: Xiaomi Deerma Water Spray. This uses built-in cleansers and easy spray controls for optimal comfort. The mopa is ultralight, weighs only 0.75 kg. The whole mechanism is purely mechanical. There is no electronic function on board.

Xiaomi Deerma Water Spray

The Deerma spray mop comes with a 360 ° rotating rod, a 3 cm mop head, a 1.2 m steel mop rod and is flexible enough to access under the sofa, coffee table or underneath. bed.

Xiaomi Deerma Water Spray

It comes equipped with a carbon fiber cloth to remove dust from the powder, which is made with fine fiber and carbon fiber. The mop also comes with a 0.35L portable water tank for the cleaning solution and it can last to clean a 100m2 floor area.

Xiaomi Deerna

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