Xiaomi has released a new version of the successful Fengmi 4K laser projector mentioned in 2019, the manufacturer comes with an improved model with the designation Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro . Logically, the new model brings with it some important changes. One of them is its maximum luminous flux, which has increased from 1700 ANSI lm to 2400 ANSI lm. Another change is the projection diagonal, which has been increased from the original to 150 inches .

Xiaomi Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro

The new Pro version is powered by a powerful Amlogic T972 chipset with a maximum clock frequency of 1.9 GHz . With this new hardware it has brought an increase in power up to 63% and at the same time a reduction in power consumption by up to 55%, compared to the Amlogic T962 chipset equipped with its predecessors.

The Amlogic T972 chipset should also be the first to support 8K video decoding. RAM installed in Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro is an LPDDR4 technology with a size of 3 GB , which should guarantee the good performance of the tasks.

Xiaomi Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro

The projector is equipped with three HDMI 2.0b ports that can be used to connect game consoles, computers, and other compatible devices.

The laser projector no longer uses the well-known MIUI TV system, but equipped with its own FengOS system. Supports custom home page, full-screen content preview, or speech recognition.

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Xiaomi Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro

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