Today we bring an article that will be very good for you this summer, of course it comes from the hand of Xiaomi, and we are talking about the new fan Xiaomi Happy Life is going to become your best companion this summer because thanks to its functions your nights are much more bearable. In a single device a fan without blades, humidifier and LED light so it is perfect to place it, for example, on your nightstand and end once and for all with those unbearable nights wrapped in sweat.

Xiaomi Happy Life

It is a fan without blades so it hardly makes noise, so it does not bother us to rest at night and since it incorporates 9 levels of power, we can adjust it to our liking.

Xiaomi Happy Life

As we have already mentioned, it also has a humidifier, with a capacity of almost 1 liter, so it can be working all day long without having to recharge it. Once it is exhausted, it will be deactivated, although the fan or the led light will still work if they are connected.

Xiaomi Happy Life

It works by feeding through its USB port so you can use it connected to a battery or a PC so it is not necessary to be directly connected to the light. Led light is similar to a lamp and just press the button to turn it on providing enough light to light up in the dark, if we press the interrupted will be the fan that is activated.

Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1

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