Xiaomi has returned to take out a smartphone from the Ax series, and as in the previous ones it has been oriented for the international market. The characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi A3 include the triple rear camera, something so far reserved for high-end smartphones and a truly spectacular design with a glass construction with rounded corners that contrasts with the sobriety of the Xiaomi Mi A2 and its matt aluminum finish. In the lower part we have the USB-C connector and the speaker, while in the upper one we come across a welcome headphone jack along with the infrared sensor. On the right side are the volume controls as well as the on and off button while on the left we can see the card slot that can be either two SIMs or one SIM and a micro SD of up to 256GB.

Xiaomi Mi A3

One of its great tricks is the cameras, since the Mi A3 includes a 32 megapixel front camera with a large f / 2.0 aperture that with the help of AI automatically detects scenes and portrait mode. The rear camera is formed by a main sensor of 48 megapixels with an impressive aperture f / 1.79 that will allow us to take photos in conditions of almost total darkness, a secondary sensor of 8 megapixels with ultra wide angle with an angle of 118 degrees and a third 2 megapixel sensor that works as a telephoto lens and to combine images to create the bokeh effect. In the two cameras, Pixel Binning technology is used that combines four pixels into one of larger size.

Xiaomi Mi A3

In addition, it also has a fingerprint reader on the terminal screen and an impressive 6.1-inch AMOLED screen, and all that at this price you will ask? Well, I do not want to deceive you and I will tell you the negative part of all this, the resolution is lower than the Mi A2 since it has HD +, so it is not Full HD. According to the manufacturers, they have had to give up this characteristic so that the price does not shoot so we have a smartphone that is at all much higher than the previous model but that has half the resolution (so if this is very important for you you can opt for the A2 that on the other hand does not take much time in the market).

Xiaomi Mi A3

As for the battery is no less than 4,030 mAh and considering that the resolution is somewhat lower than A2 (since the graphics drain the battery a lot) gives us an impressive autonomy that can perfectly reach two days making use quite high and also supports fast loading so that for less than 200 euros we will have a most complete terminal. In short, it is a large terminal far superior to its predecessor in all aspects except in the resolution of the screen so it is a matter of priorities and would not rule out going to the previous version if for you the resolution you consider it sufficiently important.

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