After testing the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for several weeks, we have seen that we are facing a much more complete bracelet, better to track the exercise and more intuitive when using, than the previous version. And of course, the big difference is that the screen is colored with a resolution of 240×120 pixels and 24 bits of color. Thanks to this we can now choose between hundreds of color backgrounds from the Mi Fit application that give it a great look.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

We still have a bracelet with a breathable silicone strap and the body is practically the same size and weight. Once put on it seems light and quite comfortable, also the grip is good and we do not have the feeling that it will fall. It only weighs 22 grams. By the way, the bracelets of the previous model should be compatible with the new one (it depends on the belt model), so we can reuse them if we want.

As for the design, the surface of the screen is up to 39.9% larger compared to the Mi band 3, according to Xiaomi official data, and being less rounded has fewer reflections than the previous model. At the moment of truth it is not noticeable, because it is an OLED and black is very successful. Now we simply have a capacitive touch button that is very hidden, fully integrated and smooth.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a clear step forward. We have an AMOLED panel of 240 x 120 pixels and 24 bits of color. We are facing a panel that offers a great deal of detail, brightness and color. A key step that transforms the experience of the Mi Band. Looking at the notifications, looking at the time or using it is finally a pleasant sensation, everything looks very clear. Regarding the contrast, being an AMOLED panel we have that blacks are excellent and the color is very striking. It has 5 levels of brightness, by default it comes with the 3 that is perfect for interiors, but for exteriors it is better to raise it to level 4. The tactile response is good and despite the small size there are no rare touches.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Internally this new wearable incorporates a more powerful Qualcomm processor, which will allow us, for example, to change songs from the wristband, set alarms and reminders. We will also have a voice assistant, something that the Chinese manufacturer is betting a lot on.

This review takes the big leap in terms of connectivity and has Bluetooth 5.0, in addition to a more accurate heart rate monitoring sensor. However, the Mi Band 4 still retains all the features that had its predecessor, getting to improve them in some cases. It still has IP68 water and dust resistance.

We can receive on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 mobile notifications, be it WhatsApp, Gmail, Twitter or Telegram. All of them with their small logo, the person’s name and the message. They can be read perfectly, but still not showing emoticons well. In the case of receiving several messages, a joint notification will appear, although sliding down we can read each one individually.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

As expected, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 arrives on the market along with the new update of Mi Fit, this will provide us with a better service for our new smartband. Now with the option of GPS and altimeter barometer. And with an improved battery since it goes from 110 mAh to 135 mAh. The manufacturer himself assures us about 20 days of use, a very good autonomy, and although the tests have not lasted so long if he approaches.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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