Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite Essential comes with some very good features, it has a 250W electric motor , a screen with a speedometer, an LED light and features very similar to the original M365. One more year Xiaomi bets on medium and short distance transport, bets on electric scooters.

The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite is made of aluminum, which allows us to carry it easily since it weighs 12kg and thanks to its simple but practical fold. It comes with LED lights, multi-functional panel on the handlebar, IP54 water resistance and Bluetooth connectivity.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite

This Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Lite electric scooter has an error self-diagnosis system. With this new system, the screen of the Mi Scooter Lite will warn you if it detects problems during use. For example, if there is an overheating of the battery, a brake that does not work, a warning icon will appear on the screen about the anomaly found.

The Mi Scooter Lite Essential comes with ultra-resistant 8.5-inch tires , in addition to double braking and E-ABS anti-lock. The rear brake has a kinetic energy recovery system.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite has ultra bright 1.1 W headlights. If you are late and you have to drive in the dark, it has standard lighting up to 6 meters in range. Xiaomi, allows you to synchronize your smartphone with your scooter through a Bluetooth connection from the official Xiaomi APP and manage from it, firmware updates, show the mileage, remaining autonomy and current speed.

This scooter is capable of traveling an average of 20 km with a single charge, it has a motor with a nominal power of 250W , and it is capable of climbing slopes of 10 degrees of incline. If you are one of those who goes calmly but one day You are in a hurry, this scooter can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h . This model has a large capacity because the battery is 5100 mAh that will allow you to enjoy and get trips of up to 20 km .

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite

Features Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite

  • Max load: 100 kg
  • Structure: aerospace aluminum
  • Folding in just 3 seconds
  • Tire size: 8.5 inches
  • Motor size: 6.7 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 12 kg a point very in favor since it weighs less than its competitors with more batteries which makes it so practical.
  • Max speed: 20 km / h., Max 18 km / h. in cruise control
  • Motor power: 250W
  • Battery capacity: 5100 mAh
  • Travel distance: 20 km

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Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite

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