The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S is the renewed version of Xiaomi’s first robot vacuum cleaner that has been a leader in sales around the world. The range of robot vacuum cleaners from the Asian firm is considered the most top on the market. Its really low price and its many functions left it unrivaled.

This Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1s is really nice, it maintains the round shape like its predecessor with measures of 350x350x96mm and maintains its weight of 3.8 kg.


In the battery section we find 5,200 mAh and 14.4 V, while the load is 58 W. The autonomy is really good since it offers us 2.5 hours of continuous cleaning, which would be a total of 120 square meter. It should be noted that when it has 20% battery left, the robot goes alone to its charging place, and when it reaches a minimum of 80% charge, in case it has meters to clean, it resumes its march.

This robot vacuum cleaner has a more precise high-definition sensor that is located on the top protected by a layer of glass, in addition to having Corning Gorilla Glass protection, so there will not be any scratches on said sensor.

One of the most notable improvements of this new robot vacuum cleaner compared to its previous generation, the Mi Vacuum, is its processor, now it has a 64-bit A7 Cortex A35 ARMv8, the same one that implements the Roborock T6. This chip is able to improve its energy consumption and a greater suction power compared to its predecessor. Going from 1800 PA. at 2,000 PA.


The LDS sensor composed of 5 360º rotary sensors, is the one that is responsible for scanning the location of walls, furniture and obstacles in the rooms has also improved. All this information the Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum represents it on a map and chooses the most efficient way to clean, thanks to this we can indicate the exact location that we want to clean, this comes in handy for when any type of dirt falls to the ground.

The APP of this Vacuum 1S has also improved, the map represented now shows it by colors delimiting each room. It also shows us which parts of the house have been cleaned and which have not. As a final result we can say that we are facing one of the most premium robot vacuum cleaners on the market. It improves its power, the sensors and a more efficient route in addition to being able to control everything from the APP.

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