Super price on the Xiaomi Mi5S, which comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 to 2. 35GHz, thus obtaining more power than in its previous version Xiaomi Mi5. With an Adreno 530 Graphics GPU to incorporate. 3D Games have never worked as smoothly as in Xiaomi Mi5s. Renewed Design.

Precio Minimo en esta super oferta para el Xiaomi Mi5S

The size of the Xiaomi Mi5s pleases everyone, and is that those 5. 15 inches are the perfect size for those who hate excessive measures but also for those who prefer to enjoy their content in a big way. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi5 has Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, a density of 428 ppi, LED technology of 16 bulbs, 95% NTSC and more.

Precio Minimo en esta super oferta para el Xiaomi Mi5S

The 16 MP camera by a Sony IMX378 12MP sensor. The characteristics of the new 1. 55 micron Sensor from Sony we see that exceeds 1.22 microns of the model of Samsung in addition to reducing its size up to 1/2. 3. These small changes increase the quality of the photographs reproducing the colors with great quality and clear as the light level is much more abundant.

Xiaomi Mi5S 3/64GB

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Xiaomi Mi5S 4/64GB

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Xiaomi Mi5S Plus 4/64GB

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