Offer in the LED lamp of intelligent ceiling of Xiaomi has a round design, it is a model ceiling type able to offer a luminous intensity of up to 3000 lumenes, which allows to illuminate a zone of 20 meters clearly, this lamp counts on protection IP60 which prevents it from entering dust inside.

Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

Through its control or the mobile, we can regulate the brightness according to the lighting that we need in each moment, as well as the temperature of the color, even the lamp itself is able to adjust the temperature automatically according to the level of brightness that we select to avoid that it is too intense and therefore annoying or that is so muted that is not seen with clarity.

The installation of the lamp is fast and simple, since it has a coupling module to offer an easy assembly and disassembly in the area where we are going to place it to facilitate the installation. Inside it has 64 LED lights that will provide you with the necessary illumination in every moment, also has the moonlight mode in which you can enjoy a warm and cozy lighting perfect for quiet evenings and relaxing moments or to create ambiance

Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp

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