Minimum price in this great electric bicycle, which is made with aluminum, from there that have managed to leave it in 14.5 kilos, which is a weight quite manageable to be an electric bike and foldable.

Precio Minimo en esta super oferta para el Xiaomi QICYCLE

There does not seem to be much trouble to put it in a large trunk. It has a motor is 250W and premieres a special system that detects our intensity of pedaling to generate the appropriate assistance. The lithium batteries 20×2. 900mAh puts them Panasonic, and as we are told, carry the same technology as Tesla cars. With them you can do 45 kilometers at a time.


Of course, the bike is connected to a mobile application, in it you can see the typical parameters: speed, calories, kilometers and guided navigation via GPS. It features a transmission based on a three-speed Shimano Nexus 3 system.

We have a screen and control system on the handlebar, also has integrated lighting in the frame.


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