Xiaomi presented with its new Redmi K40 the renewal of its cheapest wireless headphones. We are talking about the Redmi AirDots 3, a new generation that we can already buy.

Unlike the previous models, the new Redmi AirDots 3 take on a more polished look and a greater variety of colors. Now, not only do they have more modern design lines, but we can also buy them in blue, white and pink.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3

In addition, this new generation brings with it Bluetooth 5.2 technology. In combination with its new Qualcomm 3040 chip, they achieve better sound quality and perhaps most importantly in this type of headphones, almost zero latency.

As far as autonomy is concerned, the Redmi AirDots 3, despite being cheap wireless headphones, offer up to 30 hours of autonomy thanks to its charging case. In addition, they include AptX Adaptive.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3

But it does not finish here. After opening them on our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, a pop-up window with the information of the headphones and its battery level will be displayed on the screen.

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Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 3

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