The Xiaomi Redmi TV Sound Bar has a weight of just 1.5Kg, minimalist design, 3 types of sound input: Bluetooth 5.0, AUX and SPDIF audio jack input and includes a 30W speaker.

Xiaomi Redmi TV Sound Bar

Redmi TV Sound Bar has a size of 780x64x63mm, and has a weight of 1.5Kg. It is covered with a rigid mesh on the front. The connectors are on the back, and the bar also allows it to be placed on the wall or on a table in front of the TV. The bar is only available in matt black color.

On the right side we find the controls, we can raise or lower the volume. The upper button, if we leave it pressed, turns the bar on or off, while with a short press we stop or continue the playback. If we leave the volume down button pressed, we mute the bar. At the bottom it allows us to change the audio source or activate the Bluetooth pairing to connect any device we want.

Xiaomi Redmi TV Sound Bar

The Redmi TV Bar comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection which ensures the best wireless connection, if you prefer the highest sound quality it also has S / PDIF audio input and the classic 3.5 mm connector.

Inside it hides a 30-watt internal speaker that has been adjusted, according to Xiaomi itself, to create a surround sound effect. It has an acoustic frequency range that goes from 80 Hz to 200,000 Hz, all with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.

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Xiaomi Redmi TV Sound Bar


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