The new generation of Xiaomi cleaning robots arrives. Before proceeding we must announce that it is a reservation and that the orders will be managed as of November 18, at which time they will be charged at the same time that the shipment is handled.

Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

Although in appearance it is practically identical to its previous version we find very significant differences and a qualitative leap with respect to one of the technological gadgets most sold in the last year in the whole world.

The most important news that we find are basically two: firstly it has been incorporated mop, which is something that we saw earlier in different hacks that some network users had done and secondly has increased the suction power to the 2000 pa, becoming the most powerful in the market

Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

Other new features are: battery capacity is also higher, so you can clean larger houses and with efficiency rarely seen due to its spectacular cleaning algorithm. It has also improved the noise level, is now noticeably quieter

Another of its improved features has been its ability to overcome obstacles that has been extended up to 2 centimeters in height so that carpets of the most dense, small steps or aluminum doors will no longer be a problem.

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Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

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