Xiaomi does not stop taking a step forward, and it does not stop surprising us with its new and revolutionary products. Today it offers us the best in technology in a robot vacuum cleaner, for the home, the Xiaomi Trouver RLS3 . It is as the name says, a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner, it is so for its premium architecture.

Xiaomi Trouver RLS3

It is equipped with a laser navigation to be able to monitor in real time and accurately map each room in your home. Thanks to its intelligent software, it allows the Xiaomi Trouver RLS3 to detect any obstacle and skip it without any problem.

It has a suction power of 2000Pa and an autonomy of up to 120 min , which are more than enough for a complete cleaning. This vacuum cleaner goes one step further, it has a 270ml water tank that allows you to scrub in addition to vacuuming.

Xiaomi Trouver RLS3

In addition, xiaomi, allows you to control the Xiaomi Trouver Finder LDS with the official application, 4 vacuuming modes, 3 scrubbing and customization of the name of each room. Also, if you thought that was it, there is still more! It is compatible with your voice assistant, so you can order a cleaning without leaving the sofa.

Xiaomi Trouver RLS3 in summary is a robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums and scrubs, with laser navigation, autonomy of up to 120 minutes , suction power of 2000Pa and a water tank to scrub. Which makes it one of the best options.

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Xiaomi Trouver RLS3


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