Today we are going to talk about the Xiaomi Vitamer Automatic, a wireless blender with a stainless steel blade, a 350 ml glass in Tritan and a carrying handle.

It works with a lithium battery of great autonomy of 2,000 mAh capacity, which charges in a maximum of 4 hours and allows you a long time of continuous use. It is charged through a USB cable (already included), and you can use this blender anywhere you are, being very practical to take it with you on vacation and not have to give up the best juices and smoothies.

Xiaomi Vitamer Automatic

The Xiaomi Vitamer Automatic is made of quality materials that do not contain harmful substances: the body and the glass are made of a combination of Acrylonitrile and Tritan, a resin that is safe for health and of great hardness.

It includes a sharp stainless steel blade that will not only reduce chunks of food to pulp in a few seconds, but is also removable, so cleaning the mixer afterwards will be a breeze.

Xiaomi Vitamer Automatic

With a power of 65 W and a tank of 350 ml, you can enjoy a healthy glass of fruit or vegetable smoothie at any time of the day and place, as it includes a comfortable upper handle to carry it. Its measurements are 7.82 cm in diameter and 23.4 cm long.

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Xiaomi Vitamer Automatic

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