I have been observing the XGIMI brand projectors for a while, which is one of the brands belonging to Xiaomi, which gives it the quality level we are used to for the Xiaomi brand. In particular today I’m going to talk about the XGIMI Play X, it is a portable projector so it is ideal to take it on vacation and to watch television as if we were at home.


Internally the projector has a four-core Mstar 6A848 CPU that runs on a Mali-G51 GPU chip. The machine comes with 2 GB of RAM and an internal secondary storage of 8 GB. It is enough to play high resolution movies or videos on Play X without any technical problems.

The standard screen resolution of Play X is 1920X1080dpi. The device is HDR 10, so the projection of colors looks clear and precise. In the maximum reproduction, you can project with a brightness that is within a range of 600-800 ANSI lumens.


The internal speakers of Play X have been optimized by the stereo sound of Harman Kardon. The dual channel surround sound that the projector can offer is truly impressive. XGIMI has done an excellent job to provide a good sound system, especially considering that it is a portable device.

The projector weighs about 1.6 kilograms and has a size of 113.5 mm x 145 mm x 171.5 mm. The system has a built-in 17,100 mAh battery, it is very good, since it is capable of supporting a full day under moderate use.


It comes with a remote control and is compatible with voice control. The XGIMI Play X can be connected with wireless or external network devices via WIFI. And by the way, it’s very silent.

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Xiaomi XGIMI Play X

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